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 Reliance Life Insurance Smart Maturity Benefit Plan
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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.
Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited is a fully licensed life insurance company registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Registration No: 121) in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Act 1938.
1.This premium quotation is indicative. The premium rate charged to the customers may be different depending upon the factors such as health, occupation of the customer and other intrinsic factors such as non submission of documentary evidences like age proof.

2.The current rate of service tax along with education cess is 3.09% of the Single Premium. The service tax rate will be revised as and when notified by the Government.

3.For authoritative details of the rates and the terms and conditions applicable to the particular person/policy, kindly refer to the specifications in the policy document after issuance.

4.For more details on risk factor, terms and conditions, please read Sales brochure of the plan carefully before concluding a sale.

5.Policy will acquire surrender value after completion of one policy year.

6.Loan amount available is 80% of the Surrender Value
7.Subject to the guaranteed minimum surrender value, the company may however pay a special surrender value calculated according to the basis and method in use from time to time. Please refer to sales brochure for more details.

8.Surrender Values are calculated assuming that event occurs at end of the policy year.